Meccanica H7 can confirm a lasting cooperation with a leading manufacturer of automotive glasses production for which we designed and built handling, process and test systems, often using a high level of flexibility also thanks to the employ of anthropomorphic robots. Beyond the experience gained on the specific product, to work in this sector let us grow in terms of organization responsiveness to customer needs, always keeping the pace with the current market. For other clients Meccanica H7 has manufactured automatic assembly lines for car power windows, machining and assembly lines for car components, automatic and semi-automatic workstation, test benches, etc.

  • Conveyor Systems — handling, process and testing systems.
  • Robotic gripper hands — gripper hands for different kinds of car glass.
  • Assembly Line — automatic assembly lines for rear windows and car power windows, machining and assembly lines for car components.
  • Working Stations — semi-automatic and automatic workstations with anthropomorphic robot systems, test benches.

  • Automatic Line — complete pallet lines for the working and the assembly of components