The experience gained with our clients has made us able to find and to analyse the criticality of the different products and productive process. During the project development, the buyer is involved in a group of designer inside which a coordinator takes care of the communication, checks the respect of the timing and of the results. Our engineers work together with our production technicians in order to anticipate the solutions that will be used. The meeting among the different professionalisms facilitates to elaborate an excellent solution, to save time and to reduce the unexpected costs.

A team of technicians

MECCANICA H7 invests significant resources in designing and planning to implement new ideas and solutions reliable over time. A team of engineers, surveyors and technical designers ensures the creation of projects for different sectors.


We design what we build

Each MECCANICA H7 production is designed and drew inside our department. Specific software (14 work stations for calculation and three-dimensional modeling) are used to create different machines and complete plants, depending on the customer’s specific needs. Networking with the customer, during the development phase, facilitates the process optimization and the products standardization.