With an innovative method MECCANICA H7 manages the integrated design of a product and its production process through simultaneous engineering, it means through the development of applications considering the finished product and its various development processes, in order to reduce time and manufacturing costs.

  • Life-cycle engineering — in order to achieve the desired targets, techniques and tools, needed for the project, are prepared by following the product features.
  • Multi-disciplinary team approach —Right from the start of the product cycle-life, it’s actuated a systematic approach which aims to create a multi-disciplinary partnership in order to meet customer’s expectations.
  • Integrated process development
    The integration of simultaneous development processes allows to anticipate issues related to the restrictions of industrial production, optimizing each working phase and the whole productivity.

R&D Engineering

We firmly believe in the importance of R&D system, therefore each project and its consequent production process is signed by the MECCANICA H7 logo - R&D Engineering, which certifies the firmness and feasibility.