Medical Devices

Meccanica H7 would definitely have been identified as a company that designs and builds machines for medical device industry if we hadn’t have the enthusiasm to experiment a broad range of sectors with different production technologies. Since the beginning of ‘80s, Meccanica H7 has been designed and manufactured machines for assembling, silk screen printing, testing and packaging of medical devices, with its own catalogue.
This sector has strongly contributed to raise awareness of Meccanica H7 worldwide thanks to the technological contribution given to emerging or established companies.

  • Machines for Medical Devices — We have designed and manufactured machines for assembly, silk screening,control and packaging of medical devices.

    · syringes rotary assembly machine
    · syringes linear assembly machines
    · syringes silk screening machines
    · needles assembly machines
    · needles control machines
    · blistering machines
    · urine bags assembly machines
    · catheters assembly machines
    · valves assembly machines