Meccanica H7 constantly invests important economic and human resources to identify the most advanced technologies for the production of hydraulic and industrial hose. This choice not only allowed us to become a supplier for the main industry leaders of this sector, but also enables us to develop a catalogue of machines with our own brand.Once we have identified the solutions for the major manufacturing processes, our attention is always ready to improve in order to satisfy customer’s new needs.

  • Hydraulic Hose and Industrial Hose — We have manufactured and developed a personal catalogue.

    · Wire winding machine SP4x24 PLUS
    · Wire winding machine SP4x32 PLUS
    · Bobbin winder 6-9-12 wires
    · Industrial hose winding machine
    · Winding-unwinding machine TERKELSEN 940
    · Winding-unwinding machine TERKELSEN 932
    · Industrial hose winding machine
    · Mandrel welding machine
    · Flexible mandrel extraction and proof system
    · Orbital cutting machine
    · Automatic cutting machine
    · Tape embossing line

  • Tyres
    The geographical proximity to important industrial groups in the rubber business has approached us to tires manufacturers. The solutions we adopted are a prime example of the gained experience in the use of robots, in the rubber process engineering, in the tests made through sophisticated vision systems and in the handling of heavy and large products. We designed and built:

    · Robotized plant for tyre manufacturing
    · Robotized cord and belts cutting and splicing line
    · Tread and sidewalls cooling tunnel
    · Grouting plant
    · Cooling plant for tyres after molding and vulcanization
    · Cooling plant for tyres after calendering
    · Various automation and equipments

  • Timing Belts - We have designed and manufactured complete plants and dimensional measuring machines, measuring machines for stretching and tensioning, automatic cutting machine, molds for forming and vulcanization, service equipments

    • Poly-Rib and Poly-V Belts — complete plants for molding and vulcanization of Poly-Rib and Poly-V Belts.